What connects most paranormal photos?

What connects most paranormal photos?

Whenever I see a new paranormal photo the first thing I ask is, what is wrong with this picture? What I mean by 'wrong' in this case is a photographic technical error. Some people may regard these things not as errors at all but artistic effects. Nevertheless, they all cause the photographic image to diverge in some way from what was actually visible to an observer present at the time of exposure. So they are visual inaccuracies, if you like.

Examples of these photographic errors are under- or over-exposure, objects out of focus, motion blur, low resolution, image noise and so on. The photo here (right) is an example. It is overexposed (the sky was not white) and the subject is out of focus which is why it appears blurred. You can make out that it is a bird but not much else.

What I have noticed from carefully examining thousands of paranormal photos is that the great majority have at least one photographic error. What is more, the photographic error is often the cause of the anomaly in the photo. So, a light trail may be caused by a long exposure, for instance (see here for more examples). With so many examples it cannot be a coincidence.

There is one massive clue to what is going on. In the vast majority of cases the photographer only saw something strange in the photo, not in the scene at the time of exposure. This implies that it is the photographic process that is responsible for the apparent anomaly. I do not believe that people who take photos of paranormal photos are any more prone to photographic errors than anyone else. Indeed, today's automated cameras have greatly reduced photographic errors. Rather, I think it is that photographic errors can occasionally look like paranormal phenomena. In the majority of photos, which are well-exposed, everything in the photo looks recognizable and unremarkable. These photos are obviously not reported as paranormal. In other words, I think the photographic errors are what is causing a tiny number of photos to apparently show paranormal phenomena. Anyway, that's just my interpretation of why so many paranormal photos have photographic errors, others will no doubt have their own thoughts on the matter.

Author :© Maurice Townsend 2020

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