What links remote viewing, psychic messages and ghosts?

What links remote viewing, psychic messages and ghosts?

My acquaintance (MA) who gets microsleep with REM  (MWR – see here) experiences does not get them all the time. They typically arrive in clusters, several times a day for a few days and then none for days, even weeks. Why?  

It could be psychological or physiological – I don’t know. Maybe clues will emerge with time. So far it seems MA’s MWRs divide into two main types: sound-only and sound and vision. The sound-only version, which usually consists of voices, can happen while MA has a normal view of the world or when MA is seeing nothing (eyes closed). With the sound and vision version there are two types: a scene of the real world but with something different (usually just ONE additional thing like a human figure) or a scene of somewhere completely different (frequently unknown) to where MA actually is.

These types suggest two different origins for the MWRs. The sound-only ones could be hypnagogic as could the sound and vision ones which show the real scene MA is looking at. The sound and vision versions which are completely different from where MA actually is appear more like a conventional dream, albeit an incredibly brief one. After having no MWRs for weeks, MA has recently had several. One was striking because, although it was not the scene MA was observing, it was somewhere just metres away. This has never happened before. Also, although MA was sitting during the experience the view was as if MA was walking.

How might someone who gets MWRs, but is unaware of their natural origins, interpret these experiences? They might see the sound-only versions as psychic communications. The versions showing a different place to the witness’s actual location might be seen as remote viewing or even telepathy or a premonition. The versions showing the real scene in front of the witness but with a human figure added could clearly be reported as a ghost. A witness might even find ways to increase the frequency of such experiences, through trial and error, regarding it as psychic development.

Author :© Maurice Townsend 2021

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