Why voices from nowhere are so weird?

Why voices from nowhere are so weird?

I was walking through a city centre recently, looking and listening, and I caught brief snatches of conversations as I passed people. As regular readers will know, I have an idea that MA (my acquaintance who gets microsleep with REM experiences – MWR see here) may unconsciously remember overheard fragments of speech which are later heard as ‘voice MWRs’ (see here for a description of this idea with background). But walking along a street you might hear many such snatches of conversation. So which will be unconsciously remembered while the rest are simply ignored?

The one speech I remembered on my city walk was someone telling another person that they’d given up because 'the queue was too long'. I immediately wondered where the queue was and what were people waiting for. Then I realised that the snatch of conversation had me intrigued. It raised questions I wanted answered though they never would be. And the same is true of so many of MA’s voice MWRs. There are examples here which are all intriguing compared to the overwhelmingly banal snatches I heard on my walk.

This idea of membered snatches of speech being intriguing, or just plain weird, might actually explain why all the voice MWRs are so bizarre. I am beginning to think this idea might actually be true!

Author :© Maurice Townsend 2022

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